Trick or Treat?

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Trick or Treat?

By: Leeland


One dark Halloween night, I was going trick or treating. I was going with my best friend Cawood. I picked him because he was brave. We were headed to the football stadium. We were going because the candy was good, but this year it was different. The sign said, “The candy was great but, you better watch out for zombies.” Cawood didn’t care because he was brave and walked in because I didn’t want to look like a baby. We were having a good time. We both were getting a bunch of candy. Cawood and I won a bunch of free stuff. As I was looking at all my candy, I heard a noise. When I looked up, Cawood was gone. And before I could yell for him, zombies popped out and started chasing me!


How did all these zombies pop right into the stadium? People were screaming and running all around me. I yelled “Cawood…Cawood….Cawood!” He wasn’t there. Oh man what am I going to do. I thought. Then everybody was gone, and the police locked the stadium closed. No let me out! Let me out! But there was no answer. I was trapped in here with the zombies. “UUUU,” the zombies grumbled. “AAAAAH!” I yelled. I ran into the locker room, and it was safe. Then I heard something so I walked around the locker room. It was really dark but I could still see a little. I had to find Cawood. I didn’t care if I was scared. He was my best friend. When I got closer to the noise, nothing was there. Then I heard the strange noise coming from inside one of the lockers. Then I looked inside the hole, and I noticed I wasn’t alone in here. Then the zombie opened the locker door, and I punched his face. “Ouch!” the zombie yelled. I didn’t think zombies yelled ouch. Right then the mask came off of the zombie, and I couldn’t believe who it was!


It was Cawood! The other zombies hear the ouch and ran into the locker room too. It was a bunch of our friends. “Cawood what are you doing?” I asked.   “Trying to scare you,” he replied.   “Come on get up off the floor,” I said as I helped him up. I couldn’t believe I had punched my best friend, but he wasn’t mad because I had shown him that I was also brave. I learned a big lesson that night. I learned not to give up and face your fears. After I helped clean Cawood’s bloody nose, we both looked at each other and yelled “We have to do this again next Halloween!”



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Trip to Florida

By: Leeland


Have you ever been to Florida? I have. A year ago I went with my fun family. We went for two weeks. It was a great trip to Florida.


First, we got dressed quickly and ate breakfast. Then, we got in my dad’s car. We drove for three hours. Next, we got to the beach and snorkeled, and we saw a jellyfish. Last, we swam in the water and there was a lot of fish. It was really fun.


My trip to Florida was really great. They were memories I will never forget. Every time I see water, I think of the beach. In four weeks, we are going to the beach. Will you take a trip to the beach?



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By: Leeland


My favorite fall memory was last Halloween. I went with my family. I went last year. I went in my neighborhood and other people’s neighborhoods. My family and I loved last Halloween.


First, we got up and put on our Halloween costumes. Next, we ate breakfast and got outside. Last, we walked in our neighborhood, knocked on some doors, and then yelled, “Trick or Treat!” Finally, we got some candy, knocked on some more doors, said trick or treat, and got even more candy. It was so much fun.


Halloween is an awesome holiday. I hope I have just as much fun on next Halloween. I hope to see you next Halloween in your costume.

My New Blog

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Hello my name is Leeland, and I am getting a new blog.  I am getting this blog because I’ve had good behavior, and I’ve done good with my grades. I am very excited to have a blog!

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